Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sew Pretty!

If you didn't know... I'm famous :). Hahahaha... just kidding... but check this and this out!! Ain't that SO cool?? It's cool too cuz I got like 100 hits in ONE day. I know that's chump change for some of you but for someone where 1/2 the hits are from yourself... that's a BIG deal :).

Anyways, if you check out that first link, it's to Lisa Johnson's blog and you can see that she was at the Marvy booth at CHA the whole time. She was showcasing their new Fabric Paint Pens and we got to decorate canvas bags with them using her Flower Garden set. That inspired me to do something similar.
I used the stamp as a template to embroider a few things. I've NEVER done this before, cross sticth, yes, but embroider, no. Lisa's design TOTALLY lends itself to it though.
I first embroidered my digital camera case. I liked the case but didn't like the lettering on it so I thought I'd cover it up. I stamped the flower with white craft ink and the threads eventually covered it all up. What do you think? Not bad for my first time, no? It was kinda hard b/c the fabric was stretchy and if you pulled to hard, you squished the design. You can tell I'm not that consistent but I got the hang of it for the next project.

This was for a canvas bag for my MIL for her to take to doctor's visits. See, I improved!! :) I was going to do a lot more but my hand started hurting so I figured simple was better :P.

Thanks for looking!


One Creative Life said...

Yep I have seen your picture everywhere :). CHA looks like it was a blast. I LOVE your embroidery. It never occurred to me to do that! Thanks for the inspiration.-Erica

IamDerby said...

wow this is awesome! I have to try this.... gotta dig out my thread...

Kimberly Crawford said...

WOW! Looks great!! I was just stitching outlines, but this is awesome!!
Hope you are doing well!! :)