Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monkey Diaper Cake

My husband requested a diaper cake for a shower at work for one of his co-workers. I've done so many of these but realized that I'd never posted about them. I found the instructions several years ago here. After the first few I stopped using the exact numbers in the instructions and started eyeballing the amount of diapers needed to get the size I needed.

Don't you love the monkey ribbon! Total score from Michael's!

These cakes are great for showers because they can serve double duty as a centerpiece and as a gift. And the diapers are easily taken apart vs. unrolling them in the rolled diaper version.  I find that the key to making it look good are finding toys that work well as toppers. I'll try and go through my pictures and put together a post of all the ones I've made.

Just a quick post! Have a great day!

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