Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hi Everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. This weekend was busy and I haven't had time to sit down & post. So do you like my new banner? Just thought I'd try something new. It's acutally a picture I took while I was stopped at a red light. :). Every morning I pass these really pretty blue-purple flowers and one day I happened to stop right in front of them. I opened my passenger side window and snapped a few. I have no idea what kind of flowers these are but they grow along the road everywhere around where I live (suburbs of Chicago). Anyone know what they're called?

I had a chance this past weekend (thanks to Lynn) to attend CHA! I just downloaded pictures last night so I'll try posting some of the things I saw. I also go to meet a lot of people from Papertrey, including NICHOLE HEADY herself! It was SO cool!!!! So stay tuned for pictures. I'll also be posting some crafty projects soon too :).


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