Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stay tuned...

Sorry for not posting in a long time... I was out of town and busy in general. Enough time to MAKE cards, just not enough time to post about them :). Stay tuned for a bunch of cards - Mother's day and birthdays galore! Thanks to my readers (if any :))!!

I've also been busy trying to organize (again)... I decided to follow Nichole's lead and wind all my ribbon onto clothespins. The only issue is that I have lots of very wide ribbon I use for making diaper cakes and for decorating around the holidays. I also have LOTS of thin satin ribbon, 10yds or more, so it was better to leave those on spools. I was able to cut down on some space. I definitely do not have enough to put them into color specific storage (yet!) so they fit into one box.

Here is the before: (haha, ignore the tv show in the background)

Here is the after:

It kinda works out 'cuz the ribbon in the boxes, I only need for specific reasons. The ones on the clothespins and in the ribbon organizer, I tend to use more so they are more easily accessible. We'll see how this method works.

The ladies at the PTI forum have been discussing ribbon organization - which sorta got me goin'. So thanks!

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