Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Humble Craft Room

Hey all, there was a thread on how people store their cardstock on the PTI forum and I said I'd post some pictures :). I recently tried to re-vamp my craft closet/desk with the adage that "if I can see it, I'll use it," running in my head. I really, really tried to not buy anything extra, but use stuff that I had and make it work for me. So for this current re-vamp, I only bought the cropper hopper paper holders and dividers. (This excludes all the stuff you see in the closet that was already there!!) So here it goes!

Please ignore the general mess - but this is as organized as I can get.

Etha, this is for you - Here's how I store my cardstock & papers:

Here's where my Stampin'Up! Designer Paper is organized by design. Then all other patterned paper is organized by color - all reds together, all yellows, all blues, etc.

This set of trays are 12x12 that I set horizontally. I use it for solid 8 1/2x11 cardstock.

It's worked so far. I do need to come up with better system for scraps - for now I just throw them into a drawer. I go to the drawer first before I take out a new sheet but I do have to dig. I have been trying to put back larger sheets back where I got them.

Here's a shot of my desk - it's right next to the closet - it looks messy, but that's clean people! :)

It's definitely not perfect, just felt like sharing! If I had unlimited funds, I'd totally re-do EVERYTHING, a la Nichole Heady, but alas, it not to be....YET!!! :) :)

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