Friday, May 16, 2008

Simple Alter

Being in the field I am, sometimes you get stuff for free. Usually it has company logos, drug names, etc., emblazoned all over said stuff. A few years back I got this clock that was BEGGING to be altered. It wasn't until after I got married, after I set up a craft room and after I cleaned up some stuff from my mom's house (which incidentally still has a lot of stuff still there- my bro can attest to this), that I found this again. I thought it would be perfect in our office/craft room 'cuz I tend to lose track of time. It was pretty simple - I popped the plastic cover off and used the existing paper insert to trace a circle onto patterned paper. Don't you just love the paper? It's from 'My Mind's Eye.' The hard part was lining up the hour marks. Actually the hardest part was feeding the clock hands back through the hole - I bent the second hand a little but no one can tell :).

I wanted to keep it elegant, so instead of searching for numbers to use, I decided to use brads. I used silver square brads, angled onto their points like a diamond, and green rhinestone brads to mark each quarter hour.
So not much to altering this but I am SO happy with the result - especially since it's pretty AND practical.

Thanks for looking!!

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